Boyd Site, Natchez Trace, Mississippi

Boyd Site, Natchez Trace, Mississippi

While most burial mounds in Mississippi are dated to around 100 B.C. to 400 B.C. (the Middle Woodland period), the six burial mounds at Boyd Site date to around 800 to 1100 A.D. (the Late Woodland and Early Mississippian periods).

In 1964, the National Park Service excavated some of the mounds. One of the mounds appears to be 100 feet long, but is actually 3 different mounds. Within these 3 mounds, 41 burials were found.

While few artifacts were discovered within burial sites, the pottery that was discovered possibly indicate that the mounds were created in two different phases: one within the Late Woodland period and another within the Mississippian period.

Historical Marker Inscription

Archaeologists tell us that there was a house here sometime around 500 A.D. and that the pottery found in the mounds was made before 700 A.D. Likely, the population was continuous over centuries with customs being handed from generation to generation, relying on field, forest, and stream for food. The simple social system was probably based on family and close relatives.

United States Department of the Interior

National Park Service


The mounds are located approximately 6 miles from I-55 on the Natchez Trace Parkway, Madison, MS 39110

37° 27′ 11.502″ N, 90° 4′ 5.000″ W

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