Kenner High School

Behind a fence lies a ruin of a building that was once a high school and then a junior high school that existed for over 70 years. Gutted by a fire, this amazing building still holds court – as it once did for the Krewe of Kenner – on River Road. While you can’t get too close to the property, you can gaze through the fence at this amazing skeleton of a building.

The last senior to graduate from the school was in 1955, and it was a junior high school until it shut its doors in 1996.

There have been numerous plans to do something with this building, but as of this writing, it still sits as is. It’s been listed as one of New Orleans most endangered historic sites.

Kenner HS 3


Designed by William T. Nolan, Kenner High School was the first school to be located in the City of Kenner. Originally opened for grades K-12, the school was transformed into a junior high school in 1955. The school also served as a cultural gathering place during the annual Mardi Gras season when the Krewe Of Kenner held court in the school’s auditorium. Kenner High School graduated numerous political figures including Mayors, Council members and Parish Presidents.

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Listed February 7, 2008.

Kenner HS 1


29° 58.483′ N, 90° 15.151′ W

Address: 1601 Rev. Richard Wilson Drive, Kenner, Louisiana